Parent Workshops

Welcome to our Reading Workshop

Video 1- A short video welcoming parents to our reading workshop.

An introduction to the Read Write Phonics Scheme

Video 2- A short video explaining the phonics scheme used at St Thomas' and a brief description of what this looks like in school. Information and slides taken from Parent Workshop- Ruth Miskin

Reading with your child

Video 3- How to support your child with their reading Information and slides taken from Parent Workshop-Ruth Miskin

Learning Set 1 sounds

Video 4- Set 1 sounds Information and slides taken from Ruth Miskin Parent Workshop

Learning to blend

Video 5- How to support your child with blending sounds Information and slides taken from Ruth Miskin- Parent Workshop

Learning set 2 and 3 sounds

Video 6- Exploring set 2 and 3 sounds and introducing red words.

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Collective Worship

The parable of the lost coin

Have you ever lost anything? How did you feel when that happened? How did the woman feel when she realised that she had lost the coin? How did she feel when she found the coin? Have you ever felt like dancing with joy because you have found something? Why did Jesus tell this story? What did we learn about God from this story?

Time to get up

What happened to the lady in the story? How did Jesus know that she had been healed? Why did Jairus come to find Jesus? Did Jesus panic when Jairus' servant said that the little girl was dead? How did Jairus trust in Jesus? How do you trust in God?

Jesus calms the storm

What was the miracle Jesus performed? How should have the disciples trusted Jesus? What evidence is there that Jesus is God's son within this story? Should we trust God? What did Jesus say God did for the birds?

Down through the roof story

What is a miracle? What was the miracle in this story? Why did the people make a hole in the roof? Why was everyone cheering? How can you see evidence that people may not have agreed with Jesus (that led to Easter) in this story?

The story of Jeremiah in the well

Why did the king throw Jeremiah down into the well? Is it good to try and hide your problems? Is it important to listen to the people that love us?

Pentecost story

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