Year 4

Maths 22.03.21 CPG and arithmetic feedback

English Friday 19th March

RE Friday 19th March

Maths Thursday 18th March

English 18th March 2021

Maths Wednesday 17th March

Wednesday Science- The Digestive System

Maths 16.03.21

English Ahmed's Secret 17th March

Welcome back Year 4!

Science Tooth Decay

Term 4 Week 2 Overview

Maths 04.03.21

English Wednesday 3rd March

Maths 03.02.21

English Tuesday 2nd March

English Monday 1st March

Maths 01.03.21

English Thursday 25th February

CPG Feedback 23.02.21

Computing Lesson 1

Week beginning 22.02.21 Overview

Maths 25.02.21

English Wednesday 24th February

Maths 24.02.21

English Tuesday 23rd February

English Monday 22nd February

Maths 22.02.21

Week 6 Overview

Geography Friday 12th February

Maths 11.02.21

CPG Maths 11.02.21

English Wednesday 10th February

English Tuesday 9th February

Maths 09.02.21

English Monday 8th February

Maths 08.02.21

Tuesday Maths Feedback Challenge

Thursday 4th February

English Wednesday 3rd February

Week 5 Overview Week beginning 01.02.21

English Monday 1st February

Maths Thursday 4th February

Music Tuesday 2nd February

Maths Thursday 4th February CPG Feedback

Maths Wednesday 3rd February

Maths Monday 1st February

Geography 28th January

Maths CPG Feedback Thursday 28th January

Week beginning 25th January Non-Core Overview

Thursday 28th January English

Thursday Maths 28th January

Maths Wednesday 27th January

Tuesday 26th January English

Monday 25th January English

Part 2 Maths Monday 25th January

Maths Part 1 Monday 25th January

English Thursday 21st January

RE Thursday 21st January Year 4

Maths Thursday 21st January Year 4

English Wednesday 20th January

Maths Wednesday 20th January Year 4

English Monday 18th January

Maths Monday 18th January Year 4

Non-Core overview - Week beginning 18th January

Maths 3 Starter Feedback

Maths 2 Feedback Video from emails

Maths 2 CPG feedback

Big Write Friday 15th January

English Wednesday 13th January

1. English Monday 11th January

Introduction to Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne

Science Electricity Lesson 2 11.1.21

Introduction to week 2 remote learning

Maths 5 15.01.21

Maths 4 14.01.21

RE 14.01.21

Maths 3 13.01.21

Music 13.01.21

Maths 2 12.01.21

Maths 1 11.01.21

RE Week 1 Main beliefs of Islam

Maths Thursday 7th January Efficient Mental Strategies

Maths Factor Pairs Wednesday 6th January

English 14th -15th December

History- Viking Settlements 14th December

Beethoven Music Lesson

17.12.20 Maths Main Lesson Feedback

17.12.20 Maths Retrieval Feedback Video

17.12.20 Maths Lesson

16.12.20 Maths Main Lesson Feedback Video

16.12.20 Maths Retrieval Feedback Video

16.12.20 Maths Lesson

RE - Christmas Kenning Poems

15.12.20 Maths Main Lesson Feedback Video

15.12.20 Maths Retrieval Feedback Video

15.12.20 Tuesday Maths Lesson

14.12.20 Main Lesson Feedback Video

14.12.20 Maths Retrieval Feedback Video

14.12.20 Maths Lesson

English 11th December

11.12.20 Maths Feedback Video

11.12.20 Maths Lesson

11.12.20 9 x table Lesson

11.12.20 Exercise Challenge

English 10th December

10.12.20 Maths Feedback Video

10.12.20 Maths Lesson

10.12.20 8 x table Lesson

10.12.20 Get Fit with Mr Shortland

09.12.20 Music Lesson

English 9th December

09.12.20 Maths Feedback Video

09.12.20 Maths Lesson

09.12.20 7 x table Lesson

09.12.20 Yoga with Mr Shortland

08.12.20 History Lesson

08.12.20 English Video

08.12.20 Maths Feedback Video

08.12.20 Maths Lesson

08.12.20 6 x table lesson

08.12.20 Get Fit with Mr Shortland

07.12.20 RE lesson

07.12.20 English Lesson

07.12.20 Maths Feedback Video

07.12.20 Maths Lesson

07.12.20 Maths 4 x table

07.12.20 Get Fit with Mr Shortland

Maths CPG feedback Thursday and Friday

Microsoft Teams Booking Tutorial

Road Safety 4N

Road Safety

Courage Class explain why there is no need to speed and how we can keep safe on the roads.

Is resilience key to embrace new beginnings?

Hope Class Term 1 Overarching question ‘Is resilience key?’

Courage Class Worship

Hope Class Worship

Welcome Back from Mrs Smith

Welcome to Year 4

Summer Term 2-Remote Learning Update

English Summer Term 2 week 1

Week 6 Maths

English week 5

Maths Week 5

Week 4 English

Maths week 4

Week 3 English

Week 3 Maths-Time

English Week 1

Week 1 Maths introduction

Week 2 Maths

English- Playscripts summer 1 Week 2